Archil Shengelia became Fortinet’s Certified Associate in Cyber Security

Archil Shengelia became Fortinet’s Certified Associate in Cyber Security

SCSA lecturer Archil Shengelia has become a Fortinet Certified Associate in Cyber Security. He also is Fortinet Fortigate 7.4 Operator.

Fortinet is one of the leading organisations in cyber security development and integration of networks and security. The company aims to protect people, devices and data in every space. Accordingly, the company has 50 products that integrate security tools and data protection. Among them is Fortinet’s FortiOS system, built on a common management and security framework and enables network and security convergence. FortiOS also serves as the foundation for the Fortinet Security Fabric, the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive cybersecurity platform.

Every day, FortiGuard Labs uses one of the industry’s most powerful and proven AI and ML systems to process and analyse more than 100 billion events, delivering real-time threat intelligence to increase protection against even zero-day threats immediately. The unique combination of FortiOS, custom-designed SPU technology, and AI-powered threat intelligence provides superior protection.

In the near future, the Scientific Cyber Security Association will launch a FortiGate administrator course under the leadership of Mr. Shengelia.

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