Our services

Scientific Cyber Security Association SCSA is an exclusive representative of BIT SENTINEL (DefCamp Organizer) in the region. SCSA offers the following cyber security services:

Website and computer network penetration testing (pen test)

Our specialists assess the security level of the system without additional access (from outside). During the penetration testing the specialists look for security issues in the system, and to try to get into the system using these vulnerabilities. The purpose of this activity is gaining control of the system. As a result of penetration testing, we provide the client with detailed information on the security and vulnerabilities of his system and relevant recommendations to address security issues.

System Security Audit

During a security audit, our specialists assess the level of security of the infrastructure using additional access (from within). During the security audit, the security level of the users and / or employees of the system is checked and, if necessary, appropriate trainings are planned. As a result of the security audit, detailed information on the security level of the facility infrastructure and relevant recommendations are provided to the client.

Corporate Cyber Security Trainings

Each training program is developed based on the needs and / or requirements of the organization. Cyber security training may be focused on the needs of organization’s employees, managers, top managers or IT staff.

Ensuring security for websites

Adding and / or maintaining security features on websites. Systematic security support is also available.

Information Security Policies

Our expert team will develop tailored policies, procedures, and guidelines to protect your data from unauthorized access, breaches, and compliance risks. We provide customized policies, risk assessments, and employee training to mitigate threats and protect sensitive data. Ensure compliance with industry standards, minimize security risks, and safeguard your reputation. We organize information security policies compatible with both international and local regulations.

GDPR Compliance Service

Introducing our cutting-edge GDPR compliance service. As a leading company in cyber security, we offer comprehensive solutions, expert guidance, streamlined processes, and advanced tools to ensure your business meets all regulatory requirements, including data assessment, privacy policy implementation, and staff training. Safeguard customer privacy, ensure lawful data processing, and minimize risks of non-compliance. Stay ahead of regulations with our expertise, robust tools, and proactive approach and gain your customers’ trust with our reliable GDPR compliance service.

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