The International Winter Cyber Camp “Ethical Hacker” in Georgia

The International Winter Cyber Camp “Ethical Hacker” in Georgia

The Scientific Cyber Security Association (Georgia) in the cooperation with Vladimer Svanadze and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan has successfully conducted the International Winter Cyber Camp “Ethical Hacker”  for students of Inha University in Tashkent (hereinafter IUT) in Bakuriani (Georgia).

The students of “Inha” were taught Python programming, Ethichal Hacking and Cryptography. It must be mentioned that “Inha” is one of leading technical Universities in Uzbekistan. The best students were selected from this University. Mostly all of the students were already working in the leading international organizations, as the developers and cyber security specialists. Therefore, an advanced curriculum was covered with the students. The students covered the material rather well; it could be seen during final hackathon. During the hackathon, the students had to break the CTF lab, prepared by SCSA. They also had to break the crypto cypher, which had some vulnerabilities during an encryption phase. Finally, the students had the Q/A session. The Q/A session was added, because it was very difficult to identify the winner.

I want to thank the cyber security experts, Dr. Lado Svanadze, Dr. Giorgi Iashvili and Irakli Pirtskhalava, for having a great role in the organization and teaching process.

International Winter Cyber Camp “Ethical Hacker” is the unique project in the world oriented on gaining rapidly the knowledge in cyber security and programming in the small period of time, it is also the great opportunity to discover Georgian and have fun during entertainment sessions.

Maksim Iavich – President of Scientific Cyber Security Association

Inha University in Tashkent (hereinafter IUT) educates and prepares highly qualified specialists in the field of information and communication technologies at the level of international standards.  The university in cooperation with Scientific Cyber Security Association (Georgia) realized its first educational winter camp for students in Bakuriani (Georgia) specialized in Cyber Security.

I need to mention that professional approach of Maksim Iavich, Vladimir Svanadze and George Iashvili opened phenomenal doors for our students as IUT students eager to gain more knowledge. The knowledge given by above mentioned professors was not only theoretical but also practical which really impressed students and me.  At the last day Hackathon was conducted by our partners to the IUT students. This was a wonderful practical experience. Despite the fact that IUT students had background knowledge in Cyber Security,  they learned a lot of new things and will definitely use in our country.

I can say that our cooperation has just started and It is only the beginning, we will try to enhance our cooperation not only for our students but our partners as well.

Muzaffar Djalalov – Rector of Inha University in Tashkent

Summarizing our camp organized by Scientific Cyber Security Association, I would note that every single piece thereof was at the highest level. The professors have found the common language with each student regardless of his technical background, and the foundation of the training program was active practice, which is why the students kept the interest in acquiring new knowledge for every single minute of a class. Further, I would note the exceptional attitude of expert professors towards the students; professors devoted all their free time for us to spend time as interestingly and comfortably as possible. What is left from the trip is positive impressions only and a wish to come back to this place again.

Aziz Akhmedkhodjaev – Winner of the hackathon in the frame of the camp

I personally enjoyed every day of the camp. The curriculum was very balanced, we studied a lot, and we had a lot of other activities as well(games,outdoor activities,shopping). Our mentors were some of the nicest people I have ever met, I swear?. I gained a lot of useful knowledge and exciting experience, and I would definitely recommend taking part in cybersecurity bootcamp from SCSA?

Aleksey Melnik – Camp participant

Winter camp, which I have attended was the greatest experience I had for the last few years. There are 2 points I want to mention about camp. The first one is the Culture of this country. People, there, are very kind and hospitable. They didn’t forget their history and always mention about it, even the architecture of new buildings related to their history. Therefore, I can say that people are patriotic there. The second one is the specialist, who trained us throughout the camp. Mr. Iavich and Mr. Iashvili are great human beings, their course was very effective and I didn’t feel any pressure by them, only the intensity which made me more interested. That was a wonderful experience for me. I would like to  xpress my gratitude to IUT rector and SCSA representatives for organizing such a great event for the students.

Aziz Karimov – IUT 3d year student

The cyber security training camp is over and this is an honor for me to be a part of it. During camp, we had a lot of valuable lessons in three directions(ethical hacking, cryptography, python). By the end of camp, we had a kind of hackathon (CTF, project work, and Q&A to be exact) which took us around 5 hours. All classes were provided in a unique atmosphere as we could grab a chair and sit wherever we wanted. Furthermore, the approach of lecturers (Mr. Maxim, Mr. George, and Mr. Iraakli) was amazing, because of their attitude towards us. Besides classes, we were able to visit two cities: Tbilisi and Bakuriani, and we walked around these cities everyday for hours and had different activities, such as skiing, shopping, etc. By the end of the trip, we could introduce ourselves to IT entrepreneurs, businessmen, and rector of UG and had an incredible dinner with them. I really want to address a huge thanks to INHA University in Tashkent, to Muzaffar Djalalov, to all organizers, and of course to representatives of SCSA. Great experience. Great memories. Great individuals.

Ibrokhimjon Mirsalikhov  – IUT freshmen student

სისტემის უსაფრთხოების აუდიტი

თქვენი IT სისტემების მთლიანი უსაფრთხოების უზრუნველყოფა სასიცოცხლოდ მნიშვნელოვანია. სამეცნიერო კიბერუსაფრთხოების ასოციაცია (SCSA) გთავაზობთ სისტემის უსაფრთხოების აუდიტს, რათა უზრუნველყოს თქვენი სისტემის ყოვლისმომცველი შეფასება. შეღწევადობის ტესტისგან განსხვავებით, რომელიც ფოკუსირებულია დაუცველობის გამოყენებაზე, უსაფრთხოების აუდიტი უფრო ფართო მიდგომას წარმოადგენს.

SCSA-ს უსაფრთხოების პროფესიონალები ზედმიწევნით შეისწავლიან თქვენს სისტემებს, პოლიტიკებს და პროცედურებს. ისინი განიხილავენ წვდომის კონტროლს, მონაცემთა უსაფრთხოების პრაქტიკას, ქსელის კონფიგურაციას და ინდუსტრიის საუკეთესო პრაქტიკის დაცვას. ეს სიღრმისეული ანალიზი გვეხმარება სისუსტეების და სფეროების, იდენტიფიცირებაში, რომლებიც შეიძლება გამოიყენონ თავდამსხმელებმა და სადაც შესაბამისობის რეგულაციები შესაძლოა სრულად არ იყოს დაცული.

აუდიტის შემდეგ, SCSA წარუდგენს დეტალურ ანგარიშს, სადაც აღწერილი იქნება უსაფრთხოების ხარვეზები, პოტენციური რისკები და რეკომენდებული გაუმჯობესებები. ეს საშუალებას გაძლევთ პრიორიტეტულად დაგეგმოთ მოქმედებები თქვენი სისტემების გასაძლიერებლად და შექმნათ უფრო ძლიერი უსაფრთხოების სისტემა. აუდიტის დროს გამოვლენილი დაუცველობის და ნაკლოვანებების პროაქტიული მოგვარებით, თქვენ შეგიძლიათ მნიშვნელოვნად შეამციროთ მონაცემთა დარღვევისა და კიბერშეტევების რისკი.

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