Giorgi Akhalaia


Giorgi Akhalaia is a Ph.D of computer science (Thesis: “Designing Security Function of 5G Networks using Machine Learning”). Giorgi has defended his Master’s degree at Caucasus University, Caucasus School of Technology (Program: IT Management). Giorgi is an affiliated assistant professor at Caucasus University (direction – Cyber Security). He is a technical director and cyber security trainer at SCSA.
Giorgi was a key speaker at DefCamp2022 and DeepSec2022. He is an active participant in international scientific conferences. From 2014, he was involved in scientific studies at the Institute of Earth Sciences and by 2016, Mr. Akhalaia was promoted to Head of the Scientific Geodesy Network of Georgia. He is responsible for managing and maintaining online and data servers, data collecting and processing as well as for upgrading and developing services and staff of the department.
In 2019, Giorgi was involved in various international and local projects. Right now, he is a security-oriented IT System Admin in the project of Seismic Network Expansion in the Caucasus and Central Asia (Project between 7 countries), funded by The US Department of Energy. In 2020 he won the PhD fund from Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia. The project title is “5G Network Security”. In the framework of this fund, a micro 5G lab will be created for testing and deploying new security functions. Giorgi is a cyber security main specialist and is actively involved in the Caucasus Cyber Security Center, CST, which is the official representative of Bit Sentinel in the region. Giorgi is the author of several articles published in international journals.

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